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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Any Man Fall in Love

For the most part, men are pretty simple creatures. It really doesn’t take much to figure them out. Not to mention, what men need doesn’t seem to vary much from man to man, which makes our job a WHOLE lot easier. Here Loveawake's 4 easy ways to make any man fall in love:

1. Have a sense of humor

Men love to be able to make women laugh. They like knowing they’re good enough for stand-up even if the world knows they probably don’t stand a chance. More importantly, they like knowing you find them funny and can appreciate their jokes. So…laugh a little! Of course, I’m not saying you should be fake and act like a bimbo… I don’t want you to look silly. But let your guard down and don’t be so serious. Men have a different sense of humor than women do.. without a doubt .. but if you take everything so seriously, he’s simply not falling.

2. Have interests

Men love to know you have a life and you have a lot going on. They like to know you’re interesting and you won’t have to rely on him for entertainment. Men like to know you can teach them something and they’ll be able to learn something from you. If you don’t have any hobbies, take one up. Do something different. Stay active and get involved in activities.

3. Give him a good back massage

Men have a thing with massages. Women love them, too, but men seem to love them a little bit more.  Aside from the fact that massages feel absolutely amazing, my guess is, it’s an opportunity for men to allow themselves to feel vulnerable and submissive to women. For a minute there, it’s OK not to be brave and strong and they don’t have to worry about protecting you. Not to mention, touch is one of the best ways to express feelings. Words.. ehh.. anyway can say just about anything and not mean it. Showing and expressing how you feel is on a completely different level. Besides, who else can really provide that type of closeness? Not his buddies. And you certainly don’t want him going to the chinese parlor if you know what I mean ;)

4. Feed him ! 

‘Food is a way to a man’s heart’. I know…we were hoping that saying was a myth. But as it turns out, it can’t be any truer. Men love to eat. But for whatever reason, many women don’t cook! Some women are either too proud or follow way too feminist views (really?). If we want men to do manly things for us, we have to at least try to do womanly things for them. (It’s only fair). I’m not saying we need to be a MOTHER….we don’t want that (trust me, men certainly do NOT want that either). But the point is, we should take CARE of our men. Once a man finds a woman that cook will for him, he is NOT letting her go.

Cooking can definitely be intimidating at first. But it’s really not that bad. Practice makes perfect!

Check out It’s my favorite source for recipes. Look for dishes that get high ratings. In my experience, they ALWAYS come out amazing and everyone loves the results.

Happy dating ;)

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